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Crochet Hook

Crochet hook
Crochet hook and knitting needle template

A template will give you the main sizes of crochet hooks but there are half and quarter sizes in between some of the sizes like a G hook can be 4 mm, 4.25 mm or 4.50 mm. So, make sure of the exact size in millimeters when making a hook. Check on the flat finger support area on a hook to see the size.

Tools used in turning a crochet hook

To do the turning I use a 1/2" oval skew, 1/4" spindle gouge, a cheap locking caliper and a 6" single cut file.

Files used on crochet hook

I use needle files to shape the hook part itself.

Small saws used to start cut for hook

Small fine tooth saws I use to cut the hook opening. You could also use a scroll saw or coping saw.

Saw blade close up

I have the teeth of the saw blade turned to cut on the pull stroke.

Wood used for my hooks

Use straight-grained wood so the hook shaft is stronger and less chance of distortion after turning the shaft to a small diameter. I use Brazilian Kingwood and other exotics but pear and other close grain woods will do as well.

I start with a 1/2" to 5/8" square blank. The finished hooks are 3/8" in diameter at the decorative end and 7 1/4" long overall. If you are making a larger size, increase the diameter and length to balance the overall look and feel of the hook.

I make storyboards for laying out the different decorative patterns I use for hooks and one with the length. I can reproduce crochet hooks to match ones I made years ago.

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